Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The way in which we dress can depend on the physiological effects imposed on us by what we see everyday in newspapers, magazines, billboards and television. But generally fashion photography impacts a lot more then any of the others.Fashion photography has impacted on certain aspects of society, throughout history. In the early 1900′s, fashion photography was becoming more and more popular, with the creation of French fashion magazine, La mode practique and the American magazine Vogue. Vogue and many other fashion magazines have since lead the way for fashion. It’s also important for the photographer to be imaginative, to think outside the box and create pictures that will interest and draw the reader in. But also keep the style and classiness of the model. Using different perspectives can give an image a unfamiliar and interesting look, compared to the usual shots taken at standing height. The photographers knowledge of the basic elements and principles, will also impact heavily on how ascetically appealing the image will be. Bright and captivating Nastya Golovina was captured in those beautiful photos by 1848 studio, whose team has accumulated rich experience and has learned to use visual instead of language! For More Outstanding Photos Of Nastya Golovina You May Visit Our Website At: Or For Booking Information Please Email Us:

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